Thru-Tubing Instrumentation and Intervention

Thru-Tubing Real-time Gauge and Capillary Services

Thru-Tubing Instrumentation and Intervention


Cost-effective Thru-Tubing Instrumentation and Interventions

SageRider's next generation capillary injection services allow operators the ability to deploy legacy capillary systems as well as the latest in downhole reservoir monitoring technology.

Some of the key benefits of this service are:

  • Deploy real-time, bottomhole pressure gauges without a tubing string, under pressure
  • Deploy Fiber Optics without a tubing string, under pressure
  • Temporarily deploy other downhole sensors on a call out basis
  • Standard capillary injection services

SageRider's capillary injection fleet is more efficient and more capable than any of the commonly used legacy units.  This coupled with top notch customer service is what sets SageRider Thru-tubing equipment apart from traditional capillary providers. This all leads to a product and service that is cost competitve and meets our high standards of excellence.  Please check out a 3D animation of this system in action on our YouTube page: Thru-Tubing Gauge Animation 


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