SageWatch™ Tubing Conveyed Real-Time Gauge System

A reliable method of monitoring flowing bottom hole pressure and temperature. U.S. Patent No. US 9,982,514 B2

SageWatch™ Tubing Conveyed Real-Time Gauge System


Cost Effective Means of Measure Flowing Bottom Hole Pressures

SageRider's tubing conveyed SageWatch gauges are a cost effective way to measure flowing bottom hole pressures and temperatures real-time, from any remote location.  These installations typically consist of a single Piezo-resistive gauge installed at the bottom of the tubing string.  These gauges are highly accurate and can provide detailed insight into the reservoir, as well as the effectiveness of the completion and stimulation design.

Some of the main benefits of these installations are:

  • Measure short term well connectivity
  • Measure long term well connectivity
  • Well interference testing
  • Zonal connectivity testing
  • Measure true reservoir drawdown over time
  • Evaluate artificial lift design
  • Spot formation issues not seen from surface
  • Get more accurate flowing BHP than calculated from surface

SageRider manufactures every one of these gauges in our Houston facility, so that the end user can be sure that the equipment meets or exceeds our high standards of excellence.  Its these standards that have made us the industry leaders in the deployment of these single gauge systems! 

United States Patent No. US 9,982,514 B2


Real-Time Monitoring Below Artificial Lift Completions