SageLift™ - Gas Lift Services

SageLift™ - Gas Lift Services

The leaders in highly accurate downhole data collection and monitoring are now putting that experience into World-Class gas lift design, installation and service.

Gas lift is an effective and economical artificial lift solution from initial kick-off through eventual well depletion.  The primary purpose of a gas lift system is to reduce the wellbore pressure. Drawdown of this pressure allows the formation to feed into the wellbore which creates production for the well.

Gas lift is the form of artificial lift that closely represents the reservoir’s natural flow process. In a natural flow well, as the fluid travels upward toward the surface, the fluid column pressure is reduced as the pressure falls below the bubble point and the free gas expands. A gas lift system provides the means to inject lift gas into the conduit of a producing well at a depth that will effectively lighten the mixture density of the production fluid.

The most trusted name in downhole monitoring is now applying that expertise to gas lift.

Our gas lift experts partner with you to create an optimized lift solution, based upon your specific needs and challenges:

  • Unloading wells in their early stages
  • Producing wells that can no longer flow naturally
  • Increasing production rates of a flowing well
  • Can accommodate deviated or horizontal well bores
  • Removing solids during back flow
  • Easily produce wells with sand and scale problems
  • Later in the well life gas lift will work with plunger lift to reduce operating expenses.

The success of gas lift is largely dependent upon the initial design of the system. Installation of Sage Lift begins with a carefully engineered design using our proprietary gas lift design software. Using a number of well characteristics, we determine the optimal amount of gas needed to deliver fluids to the surface and the best locations in the production string, based on pressure, for the gas to be injected.

We may be on the cutting-edge of technology, but we conduct business and provide great service the old-fashioned way. Let us be your new Gas-Lift Partner.

World-Class Gas Lift Design, Installation and Service