Revolver™ Addressable Sleeve System

A revolutionary technology that allows for total control of stimulation and production.

Revolver™ Addressable Sleeve System

The SageRider REVOLVER™ Addressable Sleeve System is a revolutionary technology that allows for total control. It’s innovative, unique, and designed to provide maximum flexibility during well evaluation, stimulation, and production. 

Systems can be installed as part of the production casing, where each can be selectively operated during stimulation and flowback, or as tubing deployed and isolated to provide selective wellbore evaluation of production, stimulation efficiency, and drainage. In both cases, the REVOLVER™ System provides the maximum available flexibility for individual sleeves to be opened or closed from surface in any order you like, as often as you like, at any time you like.

Casing Deployed System

The casing deployed REVOLVER™ System is the next generation frac sleeve system designed to provide multi open/close ability in a cemented environment. This flexibility is available for life of well, from DFITs to stimulation evaluation to future selective re-fracs, all accomplished quickly and reliably from surface. The REVOLVER™ System design also incorporates slotted line protection to enable deployment of fiber optics and quartz pressure/temperature sensors for life of well diagnostics. 


Benefits of the Casing Deployed System include:

  • Can deploy unlimited number of sleeves per well
  • Full open casing I.D. through all equipment
  • Can be deployed in cemented environment
  • Can selectively open/close all sleeves 
  • Can re-frac selective sections of wellbore
  • Can close off entire sections of wellbore
  • Designed for deployment with fiber optics and quartz gauges
  • Can selectively monitor isolated sections of wellbore


Casing Size*

Outside Diameter

Inside Diameter

Hole Size





      *Can crossover to larger casing above top sleeve 


Tubing Deployed System

The tubing deployed REVOLVER™ System operates in the same fashion as the casing deployed system. Sleeves can be selectively opened or closed from surface as often as desired in any order. Isolation for the sleeves is accomplished through the use of Hydraulic-set feed through packers. Multiple packers can be utilized for as many isolation points as desired and are retrievable through straight pull tension release.

The tubing deployed REVOLVER™ System Operators gives the ability to quickly diagnose questions previously left to speculation. In addition, it affords the flexibility of moving t from well to well. This system is not limited by depth, deviation, or number of sleeves installed.

Benefits of the Tubing Deployed System include:
Selective sleeve operation from surface
Horizontal or vertical wells
Can selectively isolate sections of wellbore
Uses reliable isolation system
No time limitations for functionality
System is retrievable and reusable


Tubing Size

Outside Diameter

Inside Diameter








Open and Close Downhole Sleeves without Intervention

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“The ability to select individual sleeves allowed for isolated DFITs of all of our zones of interest”

A 31 Sleeve Revolver™ installation in the Delaware Basin