Fiber Optic Technologies

A reliable technology giving the operator the ability to measure distributed acoustics and temperature across an entire well bore.

Fiber Optic Technologies

Fiber optic technology allows operators to reliably measure temperatures across an entire wellbore.

When it comes to fiber optics, getting them into the ground is the challenge. SageRider has a very high success rate deploying fiber opticswhich is why the majority of our customers use us for multiple installations.


DTS Specifications:

Temperature Resolution:

  • +/- .1 Deg C dependent upon measurement time

Sampling Resolution:

  • 1 meter ( along entire length of fiber)

Measurement Time:

  • Dependent on individual installation parameters
  • User Adjustable based on monitoring requirements

Measurement Length:

  • Range from 2 to 20 km

Customized Solution:

  • Provides continuous & permanent profile monitoring
  • No downhole electronics: Immune to shock/vibration
  • Wide operating temperature range -40° to 60° C
  • High temperature performance > 300 ° C
  • Dual laser technology for auto correction of differential losses
  • High wellbore temperature system for thermal recovery applications
  • Option to Multiplex multiple wells per DTS unit or to install pole mounted solar unit at remote wellsites
  • Single and Multi mode fiber available


DAS Specifications

 Spatial sampling: 0.67 m

Spatial Resolution: 1 m

Operating range: Up to 40 km

Pulse lengths: 2,3,5,10,20, 50m

Frequency Information:

Min. detection frequency – 1 Hz

Max. detection frequency – 20kHz (at 2.4 km of cable length)

Frequency Response:

               5 km cable: 10 kHz

               20 km cable: 2.5 kHz

               40 km cable: 1.25 kHz

High Resolution Distributed Acoustic and Temperature Sensing