Coach Gun™ External Toe Gun System

An innovative perforating system that is an explosive alternative to traditional toe sleeves

Coach Gun™ External Toe Gun System

It’s the system that’s changing everything. The SageRider Coach Gun™ Toe Perforating System uses a perforating gun and a firing device set within a modified carrier. Internal casing pressure acts on a rupture disc, transmitting pressure to the firing device.


Not only does the Coach Gun™ Toe Perforating System save time and reduce costs when compared to perforating on coiled tubing, but it directly connects you to the reservoir.


Advantages of the Coach Gun™ Toe Perforating System include:

  • Eliminates the need for Coiled Tubing or Initial TCP Run
  • Can be Rotated to Depth
  • Minimizes Overall Frac Time for First Stage
  • Dual Gun System
  • Ability to Utilize Delayed Firing System
  • Made Up to Any Size Casing
  • Standard Cementing Design and Practices
  • Proven and Reliable Firing Systems and Perforating Guns
  • Can Fire Multiple Guns Simultaneously


Tool O.D.*

Tool I.D.

Casing EHD










               *Tool OD only; can utilize a wide range of casing connections and sizes


A Robust System that Allows Perforating Guns to be Rotated to T.D.

The CoachGun™