Cased Hole Tracer Surveys

Cased Hole Steam, Water, and RA surveys help to ensure well integrity and comply with local regulations.

Cased Hole Tracer Surveys

Cased Hole Production Logging Services

Survey Types & Descriptions

STEAM INJECTION SURVEYS - [Steam Injectors / Cyclic Wells]

  • New Slimline Technology, 1" OD Tool String
  • 500 Degree (f) Capability for up to 10 hours
  • State of the Art Computer Systems
  • Krypton - 85 / XE-133 Gas Tracer
  • Iodine-131 Water Soluble Tracer
  •  Gamma / Collar / Temperature (Stacked for Single Run)

RADIOACTIVE TRACER SURVEYS - [Waterflood, Water Disposal, Water Entry Applications]

  • 300 Degree (f) Capability
  • 1" OD Slimline Technology
  • Gamma / Collar / Temperature / Pressure /Capacitance / Radioactive Injector (Can be Stacked for Single Run)
  • Water / Oil / Gas Soluble Tracers and Resins Available

GAS INJECTION SURVEYS [Waste Gas Injection Wells]

  • Technologies to verify injection zones and TBG / CSG integrity to satisfy the EPA, DOG and BLM Agencies, along with giving the engineer a complete profile and dynamic analysis of the well
  • Gamma / Collar / Temperature / Inert Gas Inject

Steam, Water and RA Surveys