For many years, operators have used a combination of memory sensors and surface transducers to determine the bottom hole pressures in horizontal shale wells.  While these tools can be somewhat useful, real-time gauges allow the operator to make decisions instantaneously, without the difficulty of correlating historical data with field reports.  A recent SPE paper highlighted the use of single point real-time gauges placed in the heel of over 100 Wolfcamp Shale wells.  The operator was able to measure flowing BHP in a multi-phase flow enviornment, measure interference between wellbores, characterize the fracture system in a reservoir, and maximize the effeciency of artificial lift completions. When the traditional memory/surface data was compared to real-time data, the operator noticed that critical events seen on the SageRider gauges were missed on the memory and surface transducers.  These pressure events are crucial in making informed decisions in a low cost enviornment.  Contact your local SageRider representative for additional information.