SageWatch Hours of Data Collected

SageWatch Real-Time Reservoir Monitoring has reached over 5 Million Hours!

Real-Time Reservoir Monitoring

SageWatch Real-Time Reservoir MonitoringThe SAGE Watch™ Subsurface Surveillance System is designed to provide a reliable method of monitoring pressure and temperature, real-time across multiple reservoir sections simultaneously. This monitoring is accomplished independent of the internal wellbore and can continue throughout the completion.

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Multi-Zone Completions

EasyRider Multi-Zone CompletionThe EasyRiderâ„¢ system can reduce well costs by eliminating the need for coiled tubing, as well as minimizing the overall time on location during the first frac stage.

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Exiius™ Fiber Optics

SageWatchFiber optic technology allows the operator the ability to measure temperatures across an entire wellbore in a reliable and cost effective manner.


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SageRider Operating Locations

SageRider Operation Areas